Release Notes – Highlight September 2018

We’re very proud to announce the next release of CAST Highlight which will be available in mid-September. This version introduces exciting new features such as software composition analysis, custom indicators, Cloud patterns for PHP and Python & more.

Software Composition Analysis with the integration of Antepedia technology

This new product release introduces a series of Software Composition Analysis features, thanks to the recent acquisition of the Antepedia technology. These features will help you know exactly what your software is made of (your own code vs. third-party / open source components, release dates, version obsolescence and possible vulnerabilities, etc.), define and control how your licensing policy is applied across your application portfolio, produce bills of material, etc.


Contact us if you want to see this feature active for your subscription. Below is more information on these new capabilities.


Identify and quantify third-party software components and compliance with your licensing policy

CAST is consolidating one of the largest databases on software components, with billions of file signatures (fingerprints) computed for each version of OSS components. Based on this unique database, Highlight compares your application file signatures with this fingerprint database and aggregates component, version, license, release date information at both portfolio and application levels.


Generate Bills of Material (BOMs) in Excel

A bill of material is a must-have deliverable you need to provide in many contexts (mergers & acquisitions, outsourced app deliveries, etc.). This document lists all the known third-party components in your software, their license types, etc.  This version of Highlight will build an Excel report with a simple click.


Visualize version timelines of your third-party components

This version of Highlight will allow you to visualize the timeline of a third-party component, showing the different versions available, to let you decide if it’s relevant for your team to upgrade to a specific version of their preferred library.

But also…


Fully customize Business Impact and CloudReady indicators

We heard you! The long awaited feature is finally available in this new version of CAST Highlight. You can now extend and customize Business Impact and CloudReady indicators by adding your own questions and weightings.


Create your own survey-based indicators

In addition to customizing existing surveys, you can now create your own indicators and consolidate new analytics based on answered surveys – perfect for use cases like containerization readiness, customer satisfaction, Agile efficiency, etc.  Did we forget to mention that these custom indicators will be also exposed in our public API?


Cloud readiness assessment for Python and PHP applications

We continuously add new CloudReady patterns in the product. This version adds a series of 50 new blockers and boosters related to migration of Python and PHP applications to the Cloud.


Framework discovery: 1400+ libraries now documented for Python, PHP, C# and Java

We have considerably enriched the documentation and meta information related to discovered frameworks. Description, website link and license type have been added for these technologies: C# (100 added), Python (943 added), PHP (344 added) and Java (58 added).