RELEASE DATE: July 15thnd 2023
Release Notes – CAST Highlight Summer 2023 Release

We’re very proud to announce the next major release of CAST Highlight, the Software Intelligence product that acts as a control tower for your application portfolio. This version introduces new innovations including: OSS Component Lifespan insights, Docker Image Scanning, Personalized User Home Pages, and many other new capabilities.


OSS Component Lifespan Insights

Automatically identify OSS risks across your applications associated with components that may be inactive, deprecated, or immature using the new component lifespan status.

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Docker Image Scanning

Speed up application analysis and generation of SCA insights by now scanning Docker images directly with CAST Highlight instead of having to extract container contents first.

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Personalized User Home Pages

Gain access to the insights you care about most immediately when logging in by defining a custom dashboard as your home page and/or the home page for all users of your portfolio.

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Customizable Cloud Service Recommendations

Define more comprehensive cloud migration and optimization roadmaps in CAST Highlight with Customizable Cloud Service Recommendations. You now have the flexibility to manually select additional platform-specific Cloud native services and add them to the list of automatically recommended services for an application.

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Ruby support for Cloud Maturity

Enhance insights for Ruby applications with 25+ new cloud readiness code patterns.

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Optimized SSO User Experience

Accelerate deployment and onboarding of your CAST Highlight users with a simplified SSO user experience that no longer requires SAML/SSO users to log in through a separate URL.

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Many other feature improvements

The product team also took the opportunity with this new release to introduce many additional capabilities such as: a new version of the Visual Studio Code SCA extension, Dart technology support for sizing metrics and SCA, enhanced Home Screen Quick Portfolio insights, new Custom Dashboard widgets, improved recommendations for Azure and AWS, SCA support of Swift package manager, better support for parallel scans, and much more!