Suspicious File Usage patterns can be risky

Software ResiliencyCode Reliability

Risky catches increase production risks

This code insight counts a violation each time in a single cobol source file :

  • a sorted file (SD) is never sorted : an instruction
                  SD  <SORT-FILE>.
    is found in DATA DIVISION, but not corresponding
                  SORT <SORT-FILE> …….
    is found in PROCEDURE DIVISION.
  • a file (only FD) declared in data division is never open nor closed in the procedure division
  • a file (only FD)declared in data division is open or close more than once, and the number of open is different from the number of closed.
  • a file (FD or SD ) is open more than once.
  • a file (FD or SD ) is closed more than once.

Note : only files that are declared in the same file with a SELECT instruction in the FILE CONTROL paragraph of the INPUT-OUTPUT SECTION of the ENVIRONMENT DIVISION, are taken into account for this diag.


Why you should care

A file is not used properly or in compliance with its declaration.

Business Impacts

Production Risk

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