RELEASE DATE: October 21st 2023
Release Notes – CAST Highlight Fall 2023 Release

We’re very proud to announce the next major release of CAST Highlight, the Software Intelligence product that acts as a control tower for your application portfolio. This version introduces new innovations including: Cloud Maturity Insights, Oracle Cloud Service Recommendations, SCA Extension for the IntelliJ, and many other new capabilities.


CloudReady insights become
Cloud Maturity insights

Continuously optimize applications for the cloud, even after migration, with Cloud Maturity insights. Many of the newest cloud insights introduced in CAST Highlight over the past couple of years (cloud service recommendations, multi-cloud insights, etc.) apply to applications already on the cloud. To better align with this trend, “CloudReady” is being renamed to “Cloud Maturity” throughout the product user interface. Stay tuned for more innovations coming on the product roadmap to continuously optimize and elevate the cloud maturity level of applications already on the cloud. (Hint: see the next one…😊).


Cloud Service Recommendations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Optimize cloud maturity planning with expanded coverage of cloud service recommendations that now include cloud native services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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SCA Extension for IntelliJ IDEA

Shift left open source risk insights to address them earlier in the development cycle with the new CAST Highlight IntelliJ IDEA extension for SCA. Developers can now view open source risks such as security vulnerabilities or license issues directly in their IDE.


CISA KEV (Known Exploited Vulnerabilities) Insights

Enhance security vulnerability detection with the addition of KEV (Known Exploited Vulnerabilities) data from CISA. This database tracks CVEs that have been exploited by hackers in the real world. CAST Highlight automatically syncs every hour with the KEV database to include this information in application SCA insights.

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Ruby support for Software Health

Expand application portfolio insights with new technology support for Ruby code including sizing, Resiliency, Agility, Elegance, and Technical Debt.

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PL/SQL support for Cloud Maturity

Enhance insights for PL/SQL applications with 25+ new cloud maturity code patterns.

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SSO/SAML Self-Service Implementation

Speed up CAST Highlight implementation with easier deployment of SSO/SAML. CAST Highlight now allows Portfolio Managers to integrate user authentication with their identity provider on their own, directly from the user interface.

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Many other feature improvements

The product team also took the opportunity with this new release to introduce many additional enhancements such as: enhanced OSS Component Lifespan insights, simpler OSS license search for all users, better Excel export support for large portfolios, Custom Segmentation improvements (support for survey answers and technologies as possible segmentation criteria), and much more!