Importing naming collisions can cause risks

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Importing naming collisions can cause risks

This code insight Counts one violation each time a name collision  is encountered:

pattern 1:
from xxx import yyy
from zzz import yyy

pattern 2:
from xxx import yyy as zzz
from aaa import bbb as zzz

pattern 3:
import yyy as zzz
import bbb as zzz


from numpy import floor
from numpy import array
from math import floor # Overwrites already imported floor function


from numpy import floor as np_floor
from numpy import array as np_array
from math import floor # Does no longer overload numpy's floor function



Why you should care

As the last import will overload previous one’s, importing two objects with the same name can lead to unpredictable or even catastrophic results.

Business Impacts

Production Risk

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