Conditional comments are designed exclusively for IE

Software ResiliencyCode Reliability

Why you should care

Conditional Comments are designed exclusively for Internet Explorer (IE), and hence they operate greatly in that specific browser as these comments are suited to give special instructions that are only meant for IE. As a result, conditional comments are considered a hindrance when run in a browser, other than IE, and should not appear in the code.

Business Impacts

Conditional Comments are not accessible as they exclusively work in Internet Explorer. This greatly reduces the code’s potential to be accessible and productive.

Production Risk

How we detect

This code insight suggests to avoid:
var f = function () {
/*@cc_on if (@_jscript) { return 2* @*/ 3; /*@ } @*/
Conditional Comments hinder automated tools as they can vary the JavaScript syntax tree at runtime.
Conditional compilation is allowed outside comment, but should strongly avoided as it may cause an invalid syntax for other browser than IE.

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