Release Notes – Highlight October 2015

We’re proud to announce the latest release of Highlight. This new version dramatically improves the application benchmark capability by adding new comparison axis such as technologies or application types, enables you to quickly know your portfolio by numbers through a brand new inventory page, and introduces the support of JSP applications analysis.
Take a look at the release notes below.


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4 New features


Enriched Application Benchmark

We dramatically enriched this feature by adding 13 new axis to benchmark risks of your applications to similar applications across technologies, application types, business criticality, skill level of the development teams, turnover ratio, etc. We now have a benchmark repository made of 1000+ applications.



Support For JSP Code Scan

Highlight now supports scan and risk assessment for JSP applications. 17 technologies are now supported. We look forward to your feedback on results to eventually fine-tune the risk model. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Local Agent (version 3.3.5).

Portfolio Demographics

The first elementary step in an Application Portfolio Assessment and Management approach is to know what your application landscape is made of. Want to measure how business functions, service providers, team skills and resources, business criticality, technologies … are distributed across your portfolio? In the new version of Highlight, the “Portfolio Demographics” page helps you get a 30,000 feet view of your portfolio inventory by charting applications for each survey answer.

ROAR Index

The ROAR (Ranking Of Applications Risks) index is a global metric that helps you easily identify and prioritize actions for a set of applications, based on their level of risk and contribution to the business. It’s a weighted value that takes into account the business value, the Production Risk (weighted by 7), the Software Complexity (weighted by 2) and the Adaptability Risk. This new metric is available in the Application Results menu as well as in the portfolio data export.

2 Improvements


Additional Charts for Software Maintenance

We added a new tab in the Software Maintenance page that displays the distribution of your applications by ranges of recorded and recommended FTE, at a portfolio level.

Portfolio XML Data Export

When exporting portfolio data in XML, Highlight now includes a XSD file that describes data structure and definition. It will make easier data manipulation for your custom report or integration with third-party tools.

3 Bug Fixes


  • ANALYZE: Campaign names are now sorted alphabetically as it is within the PLAN section
  • ANALYZE: Some contributors were not able to access specific campaigns due to an internal ID conflict
  • EXPLORE: The benchmark bubble chart has a fixed height to be properly displayed for small screens