Release Notes – Highlight April 2015

We’re proud to announce the latest release of Highlight. This new version brings major improvements that will dramatically speed up on-boarding and discovery of applications and ease management of customers portfolio for partners. Take a read at the release notes.

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4 New features


A brand new version of the Local Agent

The Local Agent has been entirely revisited to provide Highlight users with extreme speed and flexibility for application onboarding. Highlight is now able to automatically detect and scan technologies within a set of folders, while new configuration settings have been introduced such as technology or folder exclusion. Risk assessment of an application portfolio has never been so fast and easy.

Highlight new Local Agent for fast Application Portfolio Discovery

Highlight Partner Mode: 

Partners (System Integrators, Consulting firms, etc.) that assess applications for multiple customers are now able to create and manage portfolios through built-in and secured features (user enrollment with right & access management, assessment campaigns, data export, etc.), with a unique login access.

Password Policy Management at company level: Highlight platform administrators are now able to define password requirements for enrolling users (eg: at least 8 characters with 1 special character), according to their company’s password policy

Platform Security:Account lock out and user notification after successive failed login attempts


6 Improvements



    • Performance improvement to display the Software Maintenance Estimate dashboard
    • Surveys now support decimal inputs for FTE (eg: 0.5 FTE)
    • User status is now displayed on the Member Management page, making it easy to send enrollment reminders for not yet activated team members
    • Prevent campaign creation without an end date. Cloned campaigns now have a default end date (+30 days)
    • Checksum of the Agent setup is now displayed in the Analyze page: the checksum is a signature that guarantees data integrity of the Agent you’ve downloaded from the portal

Local Agent

  • Remote Discovery: it is now possible to access and scan source code through a network path, if user has permission on the target machine


4 Bug Fixes


Portal: Minor bug fixes on IE9

Analyzers: COBOL content detection for files without extension

Analyzers: Objective-C header files (.h) are now detected as Objective-C instead of C++ through contextual resolution (for instance, if other Objective-C files have been discovered in the same source folder)

Analyzers: PHP include files (.inc) are now detected as PHP through contextual resolution