RELEASE DATE: February 4th 2023

We’re very proud to announce the next major release of CAST Highlight, the Software Intelligence product for performing rapid application portfolio analysis. This version introduces new innovations including: a new Green Impact index, a Cloud Maturity Application Advisor for scenario-based Cloud migration insights, an SCA extension for Visual Studio Code, and many other new capabilities.


Green Software Insights

Make your software more sustainable while supporting emerging regulatory requirements with the new Green Software insights in CAST Highlight. Automated Green Software insights include the Green Impact score available at both the portfolio and application levels, the Portfolio Advisor for Green, identified code deficiency patterns that contribute to excess resource utilization & energy consumption, and Green Impact trending to monitor progress. These insights are enhanced with a new Green Impact survey and they are supported for major programming languages (Java, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, C/C++, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Scala, Clojure, etc.).

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Cloud Maturity Application Advisor

Speed up your migration planning when moving applications to a specific cloud service provider or when moving from one provider to another (cloud to cloud planning). The new Cloud Maturity Application Advisor in CAST Highlight consolidates Cloud Maturity insights in a single screen based on the specific migration scenario (migration from/to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud).

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Visual Studio Code extension for SCA

Shift left open source risks to address them earlier in the development cycle with the new CAST Highlight VS Code extension for SCA. Developers can now view Open Source risks such as security vulnerabilities or license issues directly in their IDE.

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SCA – Advanced Snapshot Comparison

Address newly introduced open source risks faster with the new Advanced Snapshot Comparison capabilities for SCA in CAST Highlight. The snapshot comparison screen now identifies which specific OSS components were added, removed or upgraded between two scans and how this impacts Open Source Safety.

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Many other feature improvements

The product team also took the opportunity with this new release to introduce many additional capabilities such as: CLI’s automated scan of archive files, support of .properties files for automated scan options … and much more!