RELEASE DATE: April 22nd 2023
Release Notes – CAST Highlight Spring 2023 Release

We’re very proud to announce the next major release of CAST Highlight, the Software Intelligence product that acts as a control tower for your application portfolio. This version introduces new innovations including: Portfolio Advisor for Software Maintenance, Proprietary Component Governance, SBOM Importing, and many other new capabilities.


Portfolio Advisor for Software Maintenance

Automatically identify opportunities to optimize costs, reallocate development resources, improve team skills, and reduce turnover across application portfolios.

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Proprietary Component Governance

Automate governance of proprietary components and frameworks across an application portfolio by identifying, cataloguing, rationalizing, and managing usage of these components that are referenced within applications.

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Software Bill of Material (SBOM) Importing

Improve open source risk governance by importing an externally produced SBOM in CycloneDX format and automatically generating SCA insights even if the application has not been analyzed by CAST Highlight.


Continuous Improvement Tracker

Continuously optimize application portfolios by setting milestone goals and tracking progress over time for improving various CAST Highlight insights including Software Resiliency, Open Source Safety, reduction of vulnerabilities or Cloud Maturity Roadblocks, and more.

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Green Impact Extension for Visual Studio Code

Make software greener by identifying Green Deficiency code patterns with corresponding line numbers directly within the VS Code developer environment. Use of this extension requires an active CAST Highlight subscription and it can only be used on source code of applications already being analyzed within CAST Highlight.

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Green Impact Benchmark

Gain deeper understanding of application Green Impact relative to other applications in an anonymized benchmark dashboard and compare scores by industry, technology, and other dimensions.


ASP.Net Technology Support

Expand application portfolio insights with new technology support for ASP/ASPX code including sizing and Software Health insights.

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Go Technology Support for Cloud Maturity

Enhance insights for Go applications with 20+ new cloud maturity code patterns.

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Many other feature improvements

The product team also took the opportunity with this new release to introduce many additional capabilities such as: support for lockFile v3, Cloud Maturity support for COBOL in Visual Studio Code, and much more!