Release Notes – CAST Highlight October 2021

RELEASE DATE: October 30thth 2021

We’re very proud to announce the next major release of CAST Highlight, the Software Intelligence product for performing rapid application portfolio analysis. This version introduces new innovations including the Portfolio Advisor for Open Source, Software Health support for Clojure, automated GitHub Actions for CAST Highlight scans and many other new capabilities.


Portfolio Advisor for Open Source

Rapidly prioritize applications with Open Source and third-party component risks across your application portfolio and get automated recommendations on actions to take to reduce vulnerability, license and operational risks.

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Github Actions for automated CAST Highlight scans

Automate periodic source code scans and uploads for your GitHub repositories with our new GitHub Action that you can download from the marketplace.

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Customizable Portfolio Segmentation

Build your own application portfolio segmentation models and Portfolio Advisor reports by combining CAST Highlight insights to better prioritize challenges your organization is facing.

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Software Health support for Clojure

This new release adds Software Health support for Clojure with around 30 code insights addressing Software Resiliency, Agility and Elegance of your applications.

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Support of Gitlab Advisories Community Vulnerabilities

Identify more vulnerabilities at earlier stages and with more accuracy. In addition to the 150K+ vulnerabilities referenced in NVD, CAST Highlight now detects CVEs from the Gitlab Advisories Community.


Many other feature improvements

The product team also took the opportunity with this new version to introduce many additional feature improvements to increase ease of use such as: Excel export of SCA components, more results and actions available from the API, SSO/SAML enhancements, and more!