Crossing the Parameter limit can cause bugs

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Why you should care

Parameters are used to pass data between a stored procedure and the batch or script. It results in executing the stored procedure. Each Parameter has a limit, known as a Parameter limit, which is hard-coded per stored procedure. The Parameter limit, in an SQL server, is 2,100. This limit ensures avoiding bugs or improper use of procedures in the code.

Business Impacts

It is advised that Parameters should be approached carefully as misuse can cause bugs which can slow the innovative potential of the code. These factors can make the code unsuitable for clients.


CAST Recommendations

Reduce the total number of parameters by subdividing your functions into more specialized and granular artifacts.

How we detect

This code insight establishes that functions, procedures and triggers should not have too many parameters. Depending on thresholds observed in the benchmark of thousands of applications and billions lines of code, Highlight accounts penalty points to the given scanned files.


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