Release Notes – Highlight March 2018

We’re very proud to announce the next release of CAST Highlight which will be available in mid-March. This version introduces new insights for Agile teams, an extended API and new benchmarking capabilities for Cloud readiness…


Change of health factors thresholds

The thresholds used to define Highlight’s health factor colors (green, orange and red) will slightly change in the next version in order to reflect the benchmark. Read our article to get more information about these new threshold values


Trends & Delta Analytics

Is the modified part of your application responsible for decreasing resiliency and agility scores? In this version, Highlight will add a new tab at the application level to identify the score and metric trends on added and modified files between two scans. This is a very interesting insight, especially in an Agile context where the code base can be delivered at the end of each sprint.


Benchmark your Cloud Readiness

Cloud Maturity scan scores have been added to our benchmark repository to let you compare how ready (or not) your applications are compared to your industry peers.


New Cloud Maturity patterns on SQL Database

We continuously add new Cloud Maturity patterns in the product. This version adds a series of 10 new patterns related to SQL database migration to the Cloud.  They are focused on identifying issues you could encounter on functions normally used on-premise, but which are not supported in the Cloud.


Cloud Maturity details are
now available through the API

In continuation of the public API we introduced in the last version, Highlight’s API now exposes details on Cloud Maturity metrics, including roadblocks and file names where the issue occurs. This is a great opportunity to integrate these insights into your favorite ticketing system to make Highlight outputs more actionable for your product and application teams.


Easier navigation to
dashboards and applications

We want to make the information you’re looking for easier to find and consume. In this version, we made direct access to a specific dashboard through the menu and added an application search on all screens… You’re also now able to search and go to a specific app by typing its name, available from any dashboard. Small details that make you save a bit of your time.


Useful resources to get started

The Highlight team has developed very useful resources to help you onboard the platform, operate automation and API tools and leverage our software analytics within your organization.

Visit the Product Tutorial page