Multiple instructions on the same line decreases code readability.

Software AgilityCode Readability

Why you should care

Having multiple instructions on one line of code remarkably decreases readability of the code as well as making it tougher to understand, and execute, causing it to be more susceptible to bugs in the long run.

Business Impacts

It is recommended to have reduce the number of instructions on the same line. As a result, it helps reducing costs. It also creates difficulties for potential clients to understand the code as they would not be familiar with the developer’s intent.


How we detect

This code insight shows that each new instruction should be placed the next line.


About CAST and Highlight’s Code Insights

Over the last 25 years, CAST has leveraged unique knowledge on software quality measurement by analyzing thousands of applications and billions of lines of code. Based on this experience and community standards on programming best practices, Highlight implements hundreds of code insights across 15+ technologies to calculate health factors of a software.

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