Lack of multiple-inclusion protection in header files

Lack of multiple-inclusion protection in header files


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This code insight verifies in C++ applications that header files (.h) are protected against multiple inclusion. If a header file is not using the appropriate syntax, Highlight counts an occurrence.

Why you should care

The basic use of header files is to provide symbol declarations for functions and globals. Because multiple declarations of a given symbol in a single translation unit are a syntax error, you have to defensively structure your header files to not redefine anything in case they are included multiple times.

CAST recommendations

As Julio Merino advised in his excellent blog article on this topic, just follow this pattern and encapsulate the whole contents of the whole header file within a guard:

#if !defined(PROJECT_MODULE_H)

... all header file contents go here ...

#endif  /* !defined(PROJECT_MODULE_H) */




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