Release Notes – Highlight October 2019

We’re very proud to announce the next major release of CAST Highlight (GA October 6th), the SaaS Software Intelligence platform for performing Application Portfolio Analysis. Innovations in this version include new visualization capabilities for App to App Dependency analysis, as well as new code insights for TypeScript and C/C++. Take a look at the full feature list below.


Inter-Application Links

Visualize how applications are interconnected to understand dependencies and impacts to your modernization projects such as cloud migrations. Capture application links via survey questions and analyze dependencies along with other Highlight metrics such as Business Impact and Health.


Open Source Dependency Explorer

With this newest SCA feature, Highlight allows you to navigate your third-party components and transitive dependencies to easily visualize hotspots that put your application at risk, whether it is security, license or obsolescence.


Smart Open Source: Merge of FRAMEWORKS and SOFTWARE COMPOSITION Dashboards

An improved user experience merges the ‘frameworks’ and ‘software composition’ screens into one single view dedicated to open source and third-party components.


Software Health for TypeScript: 60+ new Code Insights

Highlight enhances its technology coverage by adding 50+ code insights for TypeScript, now available for Software Health assessment.


30+ new C/C++ MISRA Code Insights

Our C/C++ analyzer has been enriched with 30+ new patterns verifying some of MISRA’s programming practices. MISRA is a trusted and well-known standard in the automotive / embedded software market.


Quadrant Labels on Custom Dashboards

You can now define quadrant labels in your custom dashboards. Quickly segment your portfolio and prioritize applications across your portfolio for rationalization and cloud migration projects.


Cloud Requirements at Portfolio Level

Highlight aggregates Cloud blockers and boosters at the portfolio level to help you prioritize and build efficient action plans to migrate your apps.


Keyword Scan Enhancements

The Keyword Scan feature now supports more sophisticated searches by combining string, file names, path names, and formulas in a more stable syntax. This improves detection of important data patterns such as PII usage in your apps to reduce GDPR or CCPA compliance risk.


Campaign Statistics available through the API

The API now exposes detailed information on campaign content and status that helps track progress and integrate scripts to remind contributors.