Release Notes – Highlight May 2016

We’re proud to announce the next release of CAST Highlight. This new version brings a new level of code-based analytics with a framework inventory, and will help you share your dashboard with new reporting features. All that in your preferred language.

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Framework Discovery

During code scans, the Local Agent now automatically detects usage of frameworks within your application. This information – along with estimated versions, typology and licensing – is captured and consolidated in dashboards. 100+ frameworks and libraries are supported, mainly for Java, Javascript, PHP and C/C++.


PowerPoint Portfolio Report

We added a long-waited reporting feature in the portal. Users are now able to generate a full slide deck that reports and documents each application within your portfolio, in PowerPoint format. This new feature also works on your Watchlist (a user-based selection of applications you want to track separately).


The “Pareto” Button

This new feature will help you focus on the 20% of applications that drives 80% of your portfolio resources, cost and risks. When this button is active on dashboards, it automatically sorts and filters applications to highlight those applications.


Localized Version in French & Japanese

Dashboard labels are now available in your favorite language. Two languages have been added in this version: French and Japanese. Want to contribute to the next language? Kontaktieren Sie uns!


Campaigns on Domains

Campaign configuration is now quicker than ever. You can now launch a campaign based on one or multiple domains, instead of adding applications one by one. In next runs, new applications will be automatically added to this campaign.