Release Notes – Highlight March 2017

We’re proud to announce the next release of CAST Highlight. This new version brings the solution to another level by helping you assess cloud readiness of your software. See our new features below.


Advanced Filters on Application Metrics

From the Application Results page, users can now accurately filter the application list based on a combination of indicators values (e.g. list all applications with a minimum of 20 for Production Risk, having at least 60 for Business Impact, and a maximum of 5 FTEs). For advanced users, it is now easier to quickly build a use case-oriented action plan and share it in PowerPoint across an organization.


Extended Support for User-Defined Frameworks

During a scan in the Local Agent, it is now possible to reference a user-defined framework, even if its technology is not part of the current scan. As a result, you’ll be able to see in Highlight dashboards that your obsolete COBOL business-core component is referenced and still used by 70% of your recent pure-JEE software projects.


Build your smart Cloud Migration Roadmap with Fact-Based Software Analytics


In association with Microsoft, CAST has developed one of the most exciting feature series in Highlight. Designed by Cloud Architects, Highlight CloudReady helps you build cloud analytics from your application portfolio. It strongly supports customers who need to define the smartest cloud migration strategy (where to start, application quick-wins, long-term investments) by assessing applications through their business priorities, development team maturity and exclusive cloud-oriented code patterns. Where a Cloud expert could spend weeks to measure the capability for an application to move to PaaS, Highlight CloudReady makes it possible in only days.


Spot software blockers that slow down your Cloud migration journey

Highlight scans 50+ different code patterns that makes an application harder to migrate and run smoothly in the Cloud. Track issues like the use of COM components, system DLLs or impersonate identity and monitor improvements over time.


Identify boosters to PaaS

As Highlight spots impediments to move to the cloud, it also detects applications which already use and/or are the best candidates for PaaS services. In this first version of the feature, CloudReady supports 5 Azure-specific PaaS services such as KeyVault, WebJobs and CloudTable.


Assess business drivers, technical enablers and process maturity contributing to your Cloud Readiness

Part of your CloudReady score is built from Cloud-focused series of questions, addressing different aspects of your applications and their respective business and organizational characteristics. Learn where to improve.


Track your Cloud migration over time

Highlight tracks each application’s readiness for PaaS, both now and in the future.  See which applications are becoming more cloud-ready while targeting the applications that are going in the wrong direction. CAST Highlight lets you also figure out whether the trend is explained by code changes (new roadblocks introduced or new boosters implemented) or by application context changes (higher team maturity on cloud technologies, DevOps, continuous delivery, etc.).