Release Notes – Highlight June 2018

We’re very proud to announce the next release of CAST Highlight which will be available in mid-June. Among other features, this version introduces discovery and sizing metrics for 20+ new technologies, a GDPR code scanner and code insights at portfolio level…


Customizable GDPR-Keyword Scanner

Our analyzers now offer the capability to search for, count and score occurrences of keywords within your source code. Build your own customizable set of keywords for GDPR, security, etc. and quickly get the apps and file names with highest keyword densities.


20+ new technologies for discovery and sizing metrics

We added to our analyzers the capability to detect more than 20 new technologies and compute sizing metrics (lines of code, total files and back-fired function points): Ruby, Scala, Ada, Swift, Go, Groovy, Fortran, Typescript, Coffeescript, Assembler, Delphi, Lua, Rust, Coldfusion, Erlang, REXX, F#, Lisp, SmallTalk, Matlab, R…


Benchmark of Code Insights

How does the density of the Code Insights found in your source code compare to the industry? This new version allows you to benchmark a Code Insight for a given technology against all other Highlight-scanned applications.


Code Insights at Portfolio Level

The hundreds of Code Insights we’re searching for during a scan could be problematic in your application, whether they can increase risks or costs. Now, Highlight reveals the top 20 most frequent patterns across your entire portfolio and tells how many applications and which technologies are involved.


User Weekly Reports

Subscribe to our new weekly reports and get notified by mail to get the overall KPIs on your portfolio, the total number of framework vulnerabilities (CVEs) or the scores of applications in your watchlist.


New Cloud Maturity patterns specific to Pivotal CloudFoundry

We added a dozen of Pivotal’s CloudFoundry-specific code patterns for Java, C# and VB/VB.Net. Identify where and how many blockers your applications have for this platform.


Bulk import of survey answers through the API

Highlight now allows users to load survey answers in bulk through an API call. Refer to the API documentation to see how to do it. The ideal feature to quickly connect the information you’ve already gathered with other tools like Excel or EA solutions.


Survey Filters

As you can already filter dashboards on domains, technologies or campaigns, we added a new filtering option to allow users to refine analytics by survey answers. For instance, getting the list and the aggregated health factor scores of all applications in ERP is now possible directly from the dashboard.


Useful resources to get started

The Highlight team has developed very useful resources to help you onboard the platform, operate automation and API tools and leverage our software analytics within your organization.

Visit the Product Tutorial page