Release Notes – Highlight February 2019

We’re very proud to announce the next release of CAST Highlight which will be available very soon. This version adds customization capabilities for third-party license compliance as well as for data visualization and will also help you identify the applications that might run on Oracle’s JDK 1.8.


Customizable License Risk Profiles

In the previous version of CAST Highlight, we brought some colors to licenses of Open Source components with an out-of-the-box Risk Profile. While useful, many of our users have their own license compliance policies that can possibly be different based on the application distribution model. In this new version of Highlight, Portfolio Managers can define risk profiles applicable at portfolio level (by default) AND for specific applications.

Know more about CAST’s Software Composition capability.


Customizable Dashboards and Charts

In the evolution of the Custom Indicator feature we introduced back in December, we’ve added the capability to visualize and consume our Software Intelligence analytics in your context. The coming version allows you to set charts with the axes you want among the different metrics we capture (lines of code, FTEs, Cloud Maturity), but also all the custom indicators you have created!


Keyword Scanner for JDK 1.8 Detection

As you probably know, Oracle has decided to change its release cadence and LTS strategy. As a result, you’ll need to quickly get insights on the different JDK versions in use at the portfolio level to upgrade, find a free alternative or pay support services. Thanks to the Keyword Scanner feature, you can now get a view on the different JDK versions used across your application portfolio.

See how it works in this product tutorial


Azure DevOps Cloud Maturity Extension

Want your product team to focus on Cloud roadblock remediations only? We published a new Azure DevOps extension in the Visual Studio marketplace that deep dives into Cloud Maturity results without leaving your CI/CD environment.

Install it now from the Azure DevOps marketplace


Faster scans for large apps

We have upgraded our core analyzer technology, now relying on a 64-bit architecture. The impact on large scans is quite significant: analysis time reduced by 30 to 50%, with less memory issues due to very large files (typically COBOL systems).


A new “Domain Contributor” Role

Many of you asked for a new user profile in CAST Highlight in order to make application onboarding faster and smoother. We heard you with this Domain Contributor role. You won’t need to attach each app to each contributor anymore. This user profile can be attached at the root level or any domain of your portfolio, and it will be able to contribute to any apps below.