Release Notes – Highlight December 2019

We’re very proud to announce the next major release of CAST Highlight, the Software Intelligence platform for performing Application Portfolio Analysis. This version includes new features that create more actionable insights, speed up the deployment process, and increase ease of use such as: support for Swift, Kotlin, Salesforce Apex; new Google Cloud patterns; a portfolio-level view for Open Source components; and much more. See below for the full feature set.


Feed your Jira with CAST Highlight

We published our first extension in Atlassian JIRA’s marketplace. It is now possible to take quicker action on your CAST Highlight insights and automatically create issues in Jira based on Cloud blockers and possible vulnerable or obsolete OSS .


Detect Google Cloud patterns

CAST Highlight now detects 16 Google Cloud-specific Cloud Maturity patterns for Java, C#, TypeScript, Python, JavaScript, PHP and VB/VB.Net. With Azure and AWS, the Cloud Maturity features now support the three major Cloud Service Providers on the market with actionable cloud insights.


Swift, Kotlin, Salesforce ApEx and Natural Adabas support

In this new version, CAST Highlight adds support for Swift, Kotlin, Salesfoce ApEx and Natural Adabas, which includes sizing (lines of code) and Open Source component detection giving you broader technology insights.


Portfolio-Level SCA Component View

This new version of CAST Highlight adds a new view listing all third-party components identified across the portfolio, and the corresponding applications using them. Quickly understand where components are being used and prioritize risky components to address first.


Excel Object Importer

This tool allows you to automatically create in CAST Highlight the applications, domains and users from an Excel sheet, leveraging our public API. Edit your Excel file, run the tool and start onboarding hundreds of apps and users in a few seconds.


Full Survey Management through the API

It is now possible to create and modify surveys, questions and possible answer choices through the CAST Highlight API reducing the time is takes to capture survey information.

Read the API documentation


CAST Highlight’s command line available on Docker Hub to ease CI/CD integrations

Scan your apps by using our Docker image which embeds everything you need regardless of your OS. This is especially useful in automating CAST Highlight scans as part of a CI/CD integration.

See how it works.


Code Insights available from the API

Top code insights and riskiest files are now exposed through the public API so that you can integrate actionable Software Intelligence insights in third-party integrations or external reports.

Read the API documentation


CAST Highlight subscriptions available on AWS marketplace

If you’re an AWS customer, you can now directly subscribe to CAST Highlight through the AWS marketplace making the procurement process as simple as possible.


Command Line Assistant

Using the command line is now easier with the new Command Line Assistant. From the platform, download and preconfigure your command line scan with the right application and domain identifiers and credentials.