Release Notes – Highlight December 2018

We’re very proud to announce the next release of CAST Highlight which is available today. This version adds the application tagging capability, a more flexible keyword scanner and many feature improvements for Software Composition and Cloud Maturity.

Happy Holidays from the Product Team!

The entire Highlight product teams wishes you the best for the holiday season and next year. 2018 has been an intense and exciting year for us with four major releases bringing game-changing features in your need for more Software Intelligence. Over the year, we tried to deliver the best value possible and hope you appreciate our 2018’s features: More code patterns to assess Cloud readiness of PHP and Python applications, support of 20+ technologies for detection and sizing, detailed trends at the application level, a configurable keyword scanner for GDPR, and more recently the capability to create custom indicators and a unique database to let you know more about OSS components that compose your software assets. The team hopes you like using our product as much as we love building it! – Michael MULLER


Application Tags

It is now possible to create and attach tags to an application or a set of applications in bulk. For instance, you can now combine metrics to identify the best candidates for IaaS (e.g. high business impact and low Cloud Maturity scores) and tag them all with the “IaaS” tag. Tags can be used as a filter on dashboards and portfolio reports.

Tags can also be managed through the API so that you can replicate in Highlight what you get from other tools.


Extended Software Composition BOM

New insights have been added to the Software Composition dashboard and the generated Bill of Material to help you assess obsolescence and community dynamic of a third-party component: gap between current and latest known version of an OSS component, average number of releases over the last 12 months for a given Open Source project, etc. In addition, the Highlight agent also supports now the scan and OSS analysis of binary files that may be included in your application (.jar, .dll, .exe, .lib, .so, etc.).


Keyword Scanner Enhancements

We thought we could add more flexibility in the way you can use the Keyword Scan feature to search for specific code patterns. In this new version, you can now define the search scope ( search within code, comments or just file names) and the logical conditions that will trigger occurrences (e.g. count 1 occurrence if Highlight finds “keyword1” AND “keyword2” OR “keyword3”). This enhancement makes the feature much more powerful to support new use cases that require a fast scan at code level.

Keyword Scan can now be run in both Command Line and Local Agent.


Cloud Maturity improvements

In addition to fixing a couple of false positives on Cloud patterns (hardcoded IP addresses and using HTTP instead of HTTPS), this new version helps you get a global overview of Cloud blockers and boosters at the application level, whatever the different technology stacks that compose your application.