How to install and use CAST Highlight SCA browser extension

Get Open Source component information (vulnerabilities, license risk, allow/deny status, available versions, etc.) directly in Chromium-based browsers when visiting repository pages on npmjs, nuget, github, packagist websites. This article explains how to install and use our SCA browser extension.

How to install the extension

Installing our SCA browser extension is easy as ABC. Visit the Chrome web store and click on Add to Chrome. Confirm the installation by clicking on Add extension button. That’s it, the extension is now available in your browser.

Click on the puzzle icon to access it and pin it to your browser bar so that it is always visible.

How to use the extension

Simply visit a component or component version page of a supported Open Source forge web site and click on the CAST Highlight extension icon.

Below is the list of websites the extension supports along with component examples:


Enter your CAST Highlight credentials or paste your user token to authenticate (note: the extension doesn’t work with SSO user accounts) and select the server when your CAST Highlight instance is located (e.g., RPA, CLOUD, APP, etc.).

Component information available

For a given component, below is the information you can view in real time within your browser:

  • Component name, origin, and creation date
  • Total number of versions available as well as the average number of versions released, indicating the component’s level of activity
  • The detected license and the license compliance vis-à-vis your CAST Highlight license risk profile
  • If you visited a specific version of a component, the version information (release date, license, license compliance), the vulnerability information (CVEs), and advisories
  • The component version timeline with – for each version – the version release date, license and license compliance as well as CVEs and advisories
  • An alert if no versions have been released recently

More interestingly in a shift-left context where your developers are not necessarily experts on security and legal/license compliance, the extension also displays the component status, indicating if it is an allowed or denied component:

  • the deny list (list of components that have been defined as not allowed to be used by the organization)
  • the allow list (list of components that have been defined as allowed to be used by the organization)
  • partially allowed/denied when specific versions of a component are allowed and/or not allowed as defined by your organization


Browser Compatibility & Requirements

In order to use the CAST Highlight SCA Browser extension, you must have a valid user account and an active CAST Highlight subscription. Your portfolio must also have the User Token feature enabled.

The CAST Highlight SCA Browser extension works with Chromium-based browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. We didn’t try all browsers listed here, but we’d be happy to get your feedback.