Avoid explicit type when it can be inferred from literal value affected

Why you should care

For code readability purpose, if a property initializer is a scalar value or the return type can be clearly inferred from the body then it can be omitted.

How we detect

CAST Highlight counts one occurrence each time a variable (or class property) is declared with an explicit type and initialized with one of the following scalar values:

  • “…” or ‘…’ (string)
  • false or true (boolean)
  • integer or signed integer
  • decimal : a dot followed by a digit number

Bad Code

var a : String = "it's a string" // +1 VIOLATION
val b : Boolean = false // +1 VIOLATION
const val c : Int = 123 // +1 VIOLATION
val d : Any = -123 // +1 VIOLATION
val e : Float = .123 // +1 VIOLATION



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