Javabeans & Tags are useful in JSP as they encapsulate

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It is recommended to use Javabeans and tags as Java Beans are good general-purpose objects that encapsulate information and states in a portable setting while allowing for its’ properties, events and methods can be controlled as they are exposed to an application builder tool.
JSP tags are also useful as they encapsulate reusable functionality on JSP pages. They provide a great way for the logic behind common and recurring tasks to be wrapped up in an easy – to – use package.
Beans and tags help in encapsulating code as that helps in code readability, maintainability, efficiency and bug prevention.

Business Impacts

JavaBeans and JSP Tags are useful as they are less risky to use and more productive in the long run. They are designed to help the code be more readable, maintainable and efficient.

Production Risk

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This code insight shows that javabeans and tags are good-general purpose objects so that the code is more readable and maintainable. When a jsp file uses lot of java code, these codes should be externalized and not embedded. They are used through javaBeans or tag libs afterwards.


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