Artifacts and Subqueries decrease code agility

Software AgilityCode Readability

Why you should care

Having Complex queries in SQL Artifacts lead to causing performance problems and decrease in code agility. Subqueries are considered to be complicated in nature.

Business Impacts

Complex queries are not recommended as they reduce code agility thereby increasing costs.


CAST Recommendations

Subqueries are generally considered fine unless they are dependent subqueries therefore it is recommended for developers to use independent subqueries with appropriate indexes.

A subquery is independent if it can be run without context and those should be used for added performance.

How we detect

This code insight shows that artifacts should not use SQL statements including subqueries or at the very least subqueries should be avoided.

Cloud Readiness

Complexity - SQL Queries
Ineffective Interprocess Communications: Utilizing complex subqueries in SQL causes complications during cloud migration as the database application could constrained by physical machines which might using other services.

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