Do not use a labeled return for the last statement in a lambda

Why you should care

The return keyword is relative to the nearest enclosing function (or anonymous function). So for returning from lambda, a labeled return is needed. But as recommended by official Kotlin coding convention, do not use a labeled return for the last statement in a lambda. Prefer lambda mechanism based on implicit return of the last expression used. If you need explicit return, then for a lambda you would have to use a heavy labeled return syntax. So in this case, prefer converting the lambda into anonymous function that use a simple return syntax.

How we detect

CAST Highlight counts one occurrence each time a labeled return is the last instruction of a lambda.

fun foo1() {
listOf(1, 2, 3, 4, 5).forEach lit@{
if (it == 3) return@lit

return @lit // terminal labeled return => +1 VIOLATION



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