CAST Highlight Support Terms

Support. Technical support for Client’s use of the CAST Highlight Service (hereinafter the “Service”) will be provided by CAST from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CET and EST).



  • High Priority Error: a blocking error which makes access to and/or use of the Service by the Client impossible. Also, a reduction of the response time preventing a normal use of the Service.
  • Medium Priority Error: a cumbersome error which makes use of the Service difficult. This kind of error does not stop the Client’s ability to use the Service.
  • Low Priority Error: all other errors.

In case of a service interruption or an anomaly detected by the Client during use of the Service, CAST warrants that the following elapsed times will not be exceeded in the restoration of use of the Service:

Error Priority Time to register the error* Time to solve the error**
High Priority 2 hours 1 day
Medium Priority 4 hours 4 days
Low Priority 2 days Next Software Upgrade


If CAST is unable to restore the Service performance in accordance with the commitment indicated above, CAST will extend the Subscription Period ordered for the number of days of downtime at no charge.


* CAST can be advised about Errors only by email to the CAST support email address (

** The time to solve an error commences once Client has provided CAST with all elements enabling reproduction of the error encountered.


An Error arising as a result of the following circumstances shall not require CAST to remediate:

— The Error in the Service has been caused directly or indirectly by the negligence of Client, Client hardware failure or malfunction, or force majeure.

— Client does not make reasonable efforts to solve the problem after consulting with CAST or does not supply CAST with sufficient information (sufficiency in such case being that the behavior may be reconstructed by CAST) to assist in the correction of the problem.

— The Service has been modified or damaged by someone other than CAST or someone acting under CAST’s direct supervision.

— Client uses the Service in an unauthorized manner in breach of the Agreement.