Release Notes – CAST Highlight June 2021

RELEASE DATE: June 26thth 2021

We’re very proud to announce the next major release of CAST Highlight, the Software Intelligence solution for performing rapid application portfolio analysis. This version introduces new innovations including a new Portfolio Advisor for Technical Debt, Multi-Cloud Readiness insights, IBM Cloud Service Recommendations, and many other new capabilities.


Portfolio Advisor for Technical Debt

Instantly identify where to focus remediation efforts to have the greatest impact on reducing technical debt by getting comprehensive and actionable insights into the technical debt of an application portfolio.

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Multi-Cloud Readiness Insights

Make more informed decisions about the development strategy for applications if multi-cloud deployment is a requirement. Receive automated insights on the specific cloud patterns in applications that make it easier to be deployed across multiple cloud platforms.

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IBM Cloud Service Recommendations

Adopt IBM Cloud native services faster with tailored recommendations based on fact-based application characteristics.

See how Cloud Service recommendations work


New Technology Coverage: Clojure, MySQL, PostgreSQL and DB2

Expand portfolio insights with new technology support for Clojure, MySQL, PostgreSQL and DB2 for detection, sizing and Software Composition Analysis (open source risks).

See CAST Highlight’s technology coverage


Filter Software Health scores by code type

Gain a more accurate view into the Software Health of an application portfolio by filtering results directly in the CAST Highlight user interface based on the type of code analyzed (e.g., proprietary, 3rd party, test, generated, etc.) and have the scores and size metrics automatically recalculated.

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Updated Software Health thresholds

We updated the thresholds used for coloring Software Health indicators (green, orange and red) to reflect current values in the benchmark repository, which is now comprised of 12K representative applications.

See the new thresholds


Many other feature improvements

The product team also took the opportunity with this new version to introduce many additional feature improvements to increase ease of use such as: Excel export of SCA components, more results and actions available from the API, SSO/SAML enhancements, and more!