List of Cloud Service Recommendations

Using Software Intelligence, CAST Highlight combines detected code patterns, technologies and OSS components and contextual characteristics of an application to help cloud architects identify the best cloud services to adopt for their custom apps from Cloud vendors. Below is the list of Cloud services from Cloud Service Providers that CAST Highlight supports for recommendations.

Amazon Athena
Amazon Aurora for MySQL
Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon EC2
Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon EMR
Amazon EventBridge
Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow
Amazon MQ
Amazon RDS for MySQL
Amazon RDS for Oracle
Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
Amazon RDS for SQL Server
Amazon Redshift
Amazon S3
Amazon Simple Queue Service
AWS Batch
AWS Directory Service
AWS Instance Scheduler
AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
AWS Kinesis Data Analytics
AWS Lambda
AWS Step Functions
MongoDB on AWS

Azure Active Directory
Azure Advisor
Azure Analysis Services
Azure API Management
Azure App Configuration
Azure App Service
Azure App Service Environment
Azure App Service Plans
Azure Application Gateway
Azure Application Insights
Azure Arc
Azure Artifacts
Azure Atlas
Azure Automation
Azure Autoscale
Azure Availability Zones
Azure Backup
Azure Batch
Azure Blockchain Service
Azure Blueprint
Azure Bot Service
Azure Cache for Redis
Azure Cognitive Search
Azure Cognitive Services
Azure Cognitive Services – Computer Vision
Azure Cognitive Services – Speech
Azure Cognitive Services for Azure Databricks
Azure Communication Services
Azure Confidential Computing
Azure Container Apps
Azure Container Instances
Azure Container Registry
Azure Container Service
Azure Content Delivery Network
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Data Box
Azure Data Catalog
Azure Data Explorer
Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Lake Analytics
Azure Data Lake Storage
Azure Data Share
Azure Database for MariaDB
Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Azure Database Migration Service
Azure DDoS Protection
Azure Dev Spaces
Azure DevOps
Azure DNS
Azure Document Translation
Azure Event Grid
Azure Event Hubs
Azure ExpressRoute
Azure File Sync
Azure Form Recognizer
Azure Front Door
Azure Functions
Azure Gaming
Azure HDInsight
Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
Azure IoT Central
Azure IoT Edge
Azure IoT Hub
Azure Key Vault
Azure Kubernetes Service
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Azure Logic Apps
Azure Machine Learning
Azure Managed Applications
Azure Maps
Azure Media Services
Azure Mixed Reality
Azure Monitor
Azure NetApp Files
Azure Network Watcher
Azure Notification Hubs
Azure OpenAI Service
Azure Power Apps
Azure Power Automate
Azure Power BI
Azure Private Link
Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances
Azure Schedule
Azure Service Bus
Azure Service Fabric
Azure SignalR Service
Azure Site Recovery
Azure Spatial Anchors
Azure Spring Apps
Azure SQL Database
Azure SQL Managed Instance
Azure Stack
Azure Stack Edge
Azure Stack HCI
Azure Stack Hub
Azure Storage
Azure Stream Analytics
Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Time Series Insights
Azure Traffic Manager
Azure Virtual Desktop
Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Network
Azure VPN Gateway
Power Fx
SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines
Visual Studio
Windows Virtual Desktop

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL
Cloud Build
Cloud Composer
Cloud Functions
Cloud Monitoring
Cloud Run
Cloud Spanner
Cloud SQL for MySQL
Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
Cloud SQL for SQL Server
Cloud Storage
Cloud Tasks
Compute Engine
Google Artifact Registry
Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE Autopilot)
Managed Microsoft AD
MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud
Secret Manager

API Gateway
Application Performance Monitoring
Artifact Registry
Autonomous Data Warehouse
Autonomous Database
Autonomous JSON Database
Azure DevOps
Azure Power BI
Big Data
Blockchain Platform
Cloud Advisor
Container Engine for Kubernetes
Container Instances
Container Registry
Data Catalog
Data Integrator
Data Science
Data Transfer
Database Migration Service
Digital Assistant
File Storage
Identity & Access Management
Load Balancing
Logging Analytics
MySQL Heatwave
MySQL Heatwave Lakehouse
OCI Confidential Computing
OCI Functions
OCI Search with OpenSearch
OCI Web Application Firewall
Oracle APEX Application Development
Oracle Base Database Service
Process Automation
Reserved Capacity

Databases for Postgresql
IBM Analytics Engine
IBM App Connect
IBM Cloud AppId
IBM Cloud Code Engine
IBM Cloud Databases for Redis
IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services
IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig
IBM Cloud Object Storage
IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC
IBM Compose for MySQL
IBM Databases for MongoDB
IBM Db2 on Cloud
IBM Event Streams
IBM Key Protect for IBM Cloud
Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud