Methodology Update: Threshold Change in Health Factors (June 2021)

In CAST Highlight’s June 2021 version, we updated the thresholds used for coloring Software Health indicators (green, orange and red) to reflect current values in the benchmark repository, which is now comprised of 12K representative applications.
See below the new thresholds used for determining colors. Note that this change doesn’t impact the score calculation.

Software Health

Programming best practices that increase resiliency, improve agility and reduce complexity.

  • Low/Red: below 53.0
  • Medium/Orange: from 53.0 to 75.0
  • High/Green: above 75.0

Software Resiliency

Programming best practices that make your software bullet-proof

  • Low/Red: below 65.0
  • Medium/Orange: from 65.0 to 87.0
  • High/Green: above 87.0

Software Agility

Easiness of a development team to understand and maintain software

  • Low/Red: below 54.0
  • Medium/Orange: from 54.0 to 69.0
  • High/Green: above 69.0

Software Elegance

Ability to deliver software value with less code complexity

  • Low/Red: below 39.0
  • Medium/Orange: from 39.0 to 70.0
  • High/Green: above 70.0

How these thresholds are set

Adjustments are made to CAST Highlight using a global benchmark of all of the applications that have been onboarded. We also regularly check with our customers who are using Highlight to make sure that the indicators we’re using are the most relevant ones possible, from both their business and technical contexts.