The code contain too many unused private methods

Why you should care

Private methods that are never executed are dead code: unnecessary, inoperative code that should be removed. Cleaning out dead code decreases the size of the maintained codebase, making it easier to understand the program and preventing bugs from being introduced.

How we detect

CAST Highlight counts one occurrence each time a private method is never used.

class toto {

private fun meth1() { // +1 VIOLATION : meth1 is never used
val newSourcePath = projectRoot.resolve("src/${asRelativePath()}").canonicalFile.invariantSeparatorsPath
return 0

private fun asRelativePath(): String = // +0 VIOLATION : asRelativePath is used by the method meth1
if (scope.isBlank()) name else scope.replace('.', '/') + '/' + name




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