Highlight Local Agent End-User License Agreement

THIS PRODUCT, the “Local Agent” or, sometimes, “The Agent”, is downloadable from the https://rpa.casthighlight.com website and is protected by copyright © 2023 CAST. THIS PRODUCT MAY ONLY BE USED IN CONNECTION WITH THE TERMS OF PRIVACY AND SECURITY AVAILABLE on line at https://www.castsoftware.com/privacy and WITH THE specific commercial terms (scope, price and duration of the serviceS) OF THE ORDER the customer placed WITH cast.


By downloading the Local Agent and clicking on “Accept” below, the Customer agrees to the following terms:

The Agent is a technical software component which includes a PERL runtime, released under the GNU General Public License: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html. All other components are Copyright © 2010-2023 CAST S.A..  All rights reserved. The Agent is made available via the CAST HIGHLIGHT website and is governed by the Terms of Services, also available in electronic format, embedded into The Agent. CAST grants Customer a non-assignable, non-transferable, non-exclusive right to use the Agent at no charge for the sole purpose of enabling Customer to use the Services in the manner permitted by the Terms of Services. Customer is granted the right to install and execute one copy of The Agent on any number of workstations owned or controlled by Customer and / or to distribute copies of The Agent to third parties belonging to Customer’s IT ecosystem, including any copying or redistribution of The Agent to any other server or location, or redistribution or use on a service bureau basis. As a condition of the foregoing grant, Customer must provide a copy of this notice along with each copy of The Agent Customer distributes. Customer must not remove, alter, or obscure this notice. All other use, reproduction, modification, distribution, or other exploitation of The Agent is prohibited. The grant of use will be automatically terminated and revoked if Customer exceeds its purchased scope or violates any of the Terms of Services. The Agent is provided “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY of any kind, including completeness or fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy or reliability, and CAST expressly disclaims any warranty with respect thereto. Customer expressly assumes all of the risks thereof. In no event will CAST be liable for direct, consequential, special, incidental, or indirect damages  such as  loss or damage to any person or property as a result of the use of The Agent, lost profits or revenue, loss of use of data, disks, or programs, costs for recovering data, or third party claims. Customer recognizes that The Agent may contain errors and that not all errors may be corrected at reasonable and sustainable cost, nor require correction. Customer is solely responsible for the download, installation and use of The Agent on its equipment, facilities and network and for any consequential damage on its systems or hardware.  Accordingly, CAST does not warrant the uninterrupted operation of the software nor operation free from all error, nor that all of the deficiencies or errors which may be contained in the software will be corrected. Notwithstanding the preceding wording, CAST’s liability to any party shall not exceed, under any circumstances, the amount paid for the Services under the specific commercial terms, for a maximum of the prior twelve month period.