Find and Fix Green Deficiencies
directly in your IDE before they go live

Shift Left your application
Cloud readiness assessment.

Automatically identify Green Deficiencies (e.g., function calls, SQL queries or string concatenation in a loop, SELECT *, etc.) directly from the development environment. Get accurate guidance on exactly where each of the Deficiencies occur within the code of an application and learn how to remediate these roadblocks.

Technology Coverage

The CAST Highlight Green Impact extension for Visual Studio Code currently supports C#, C/C++, Clojure, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft T-SQL, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, Scala, TypeScript, VB/VB.Net. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to see this extension available for other programming languages.

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The Green Impact extension for Visual Studio Code is free for users with an active CAST Highlight subscription.

Use of this extension is free but requires an active subscription for CAST Highlight and it can only be used on source code of applications already being analyzed within CAST Highlight.

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What is CAST Highlight?

CAST Highlight is a software intelligence product for rapid application portfolio analysis. It automatically analyzes source code of hundreds of applications in a week for Cloud Readiness, Open Source risks, Resiliency, and Agility. It combines objective software insights with qualitative surveys for business context.

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